ABA with VB Senior Therapist

  1. Program Management - as a Senior Therapist I personally work one on one in your home. After an assessment of your child and talking with you I set up a curriculum of ABA programs specific to your child's needs. We meet with your child and therapist once a week or once every two weeks to observe, go over progress and update the program and discuss any other behavioural issues.

  2. Training - I provide in depth training for your therapist on the programming that is specific for your child.

  3. Post IBI Funding Programming - I provide programming for parents who have exited the IBI funding model and want their child to continue receiving ABA therapy. This will help your child to continue learning in an proven environment and keep up their learning trajectory.  I will also work on goals that were not targeted or not targeted successfully in the IBI funded program but will help the behavioural, social and communication quality of life for your child and your family.

  1. Parent Training - I provide programming that is specifically designed for your child. The programming is in the form of games that will further the development of your child and provide a fun, educational way for you to interact with your child.

  2. School Programming - I provide programming that specifically designed for your child in the school environment to increase their ability to work in groups, socialize with peers and learn from a classroom environment

  1. Consulting with Professionals working with your child - I regularly consult with schools and other professionals such as speech and occupational therapists, teacher's assistants and teacher's. Knowledge gained will be integrated into the programming and information will be shared to ensure continuity in programming.

  2. Peer Information Sessions - I present information, in an easily understandable format for children and teens, on Autism and specific symptoms that are displayed.

Barbara Sheridan